4th Annual National Research Symposium of the Debre Markos College of Teacher Education, Ethiopia

Debre Markos College of Teacher Education conducted its 4th Annual National Research Symposium on “Action Research for School Improvement” from 24 to 26 October 2014 in Debre Markos, Ethiopia. The College invited Dr. Temechegn Engida to make a keynote speech on Action Research. Dr. Temechegn accepted the invitation and made the speech in the presence of the Guest of Honor Mr. Tefera (Deputy Head of the Amhara Regional State Education Bureau).

Staff of the Center for Educational ICT of the Ministry of Education (Ethiopia) Received Training on E-learning Content Development Provided by IICBA Staff

UNESCO-IICBA offered training, upon request, to the staff of the Center of Educational ICT of the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia on e-learning content development from 20 to 21 October 2014 at the premises of the Center here in Addis Ababa. The topics of the training were:
1.    Development of E-learning materials using web tools based on instructional design principles and strategies

The Girls Education Project Hands Over Equipment and Materials to Pilot Schools

The Italian Government supported Girls Education Project in Benishangul Gumuz Regional State handed over equipment and materials to the three pilot schools in the region on 9 October 2014 for use in setting up income generating schemes to support economically deprived girl students in the schools.

IICBA Participates in the Celebration of World Teachers Day 2014

IICBA participates in the celebration of World Teachers Day in the historic town of Axum on 5 October 2014. This year's celebration was hosted by the Axum University which organised the event in cooperation with the Ethiopian Teachers Association. The director of the Institute, Mr Nhavoto,  attended the celebration, accompanied by a program officer, and a representative of the Chinese Funds in Trust project.

Making Strides in Teacher Training in Ethiopia

Since the beginning of 2014, Mr. Abera has been developing new training modules for teacher trainees with the support of the UNESCO-China Funds-in-Trust (CFIT) project (funded by the Chinese Government). This is part of a drive to improve the quality of education in Ethiopia in order to give children the best possible opportunities in the future.

Education for the 21st Century

Since its creation in 1945, UNESCO’s mission has been to contribute to the building of peace, poverty eradication, lasting development and intercultural dialogue, with education as one of its principal activities to achieve this aim.

Gender Responsive Pedagogy and Girl-Friendly School Environment Training Opens in Adama Town

As part of the Italian and Japanese supported projects on girls' education in Ethiopia, a four-day training workshop on gender responsive pedagogy and girl-friendly school environment opens in Adama town yesterday, 14 August 2014. The workshop has been organised on the request of the Directorate of Inclusive Education and Support for Emerging Regions of the Federal Ministry of Education of Ethiopia.

Invitation to bid - Supply of videoconference materials, ICT laboratories components (computers, servers, etc.) and language laboratories

The UNESCO-International Institute for Capacity building in Africa (IICBA), under the framework of the UNESCO-China Funds in Trust project for the capacity building of teacher education institutions in Ethiopia, intends to purchase ICT (information and communication technologies) equipment for a Video conference system, English language Laboratory and Computer Laboratory for the training of teachers of primary and secondary schools.

UNESCO-IICBA and the State Minister of Education Discussed about the Status of the China Funds-In-Trust (CFIT) Project, Ethiopia

IICBA made a courtesy visit on 4 July 2014 to His Excellency Mr. Fuad Ibrahim, the State Minister of Education of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.


UNESCO-IICBA and AhadooTEC Partnering to Work Together on ICT in Education

Within the framework of UNESCO Teachers’ Strategy supporting teachers for quality learning (2012-2015), UNESCO’s ICT in Education Strategy as well as UNESCO IICBA’s ICT-enhanced Teacher Development Strategy, and in view of both organizations missions and strategic priorities emphasized in their respective strategic plans, the UNESCO International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa (IICBA) and AhadooTec ICT Soluti